Woodworking ClASSES

This section will be an ever-expanding fountain of woodworking information.  We hope to have interesting woodworking-related videos available for viewing, project plans available for download, and pictures of YOUR Project(s) that you would like to share with the world. 

If you're interested in Buying and/or Selling Used woodworking machines, power tools, hand tools, lumber and anything woodworking related, you need to check out the new facebook Group, MI Used Woodworking Machines, on the Other Resources page by clicking here:  Other Resources 

It's hard to beat the up-close and personal learning you'll achieve by attending a Woodworking Class.  This section, Woodworking Classes, is where you'll find the upcoming Classes we're putting on at The TOOL Haus in Gladwin, in addition to Classes being put on by individual Woodworking Clubs listed in our Woodworking Club Directory.  We're happy to publicize your Club's upcoming Classes for FREE.  And, as I mentioned above, we'll give those Classes a "shout out" on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/toolhaus.  Send all pertinent information on upcoming Classes to:  info@toolhaus.com. 


Woodworking Clubs are a great way to meet fellow woodworkers, get your questions answered, learn new techniques, and share your knowledge.  Some clubs are focused on a narrow woodworking topic:  wood turning and wood carving are prime examples.  Other clubs cover the full spectrum from procuring & drying green lumber, making toys, cabinet making, turning, carving, wood finishes & application, jigs & fixtures, using power tools, and about any topic the members have an interest.  

You'll find the woodworking clubs that have shared their information with us listed here:  Woodworking Clubs   We are very interested in expanding this list of clubs.  Please send your club information to info@toolhaus.com if you would like to be included in our Directory of Woodworking Clubs.  In that e-mail, it would be nice to include as much of this information as possible:  Club Name, city/state, meeting location with address, date(s) & time, annual dues, website, contact person, contact e-mail, and contact phone number(s).  A little informative write-up on your club and its' goals would be helpful to prospective members.

Also, for the clubs that are listed in our Directory, we would be happy to update your information as situations change.  You have some special event coming up?  Let us know and we'll add it to your Club information.  Send all updates and corrections to info@toohaus.com.  And, if you wish, we'll put your upcoming club events, meeting topics, etc., on our facebook page.  Anyone following us at www.facebook.com/toolhaus will get the information.  This could be a GREAT way for your club to gain new members!

And, lastly, does your club have a woodworking Class/Workshop coming up, open to the General Public, that you're trying to get some FREE publicity for?  Send us a write-up and we'll post it on our CLASSES page (see below) AND give it a blast on our facebook page.

Woodworking Clubs